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MAXA works with and integrates with all aspects of the real estate and mortgage industries, fulfilling all their design and marketing requests, so let's take a look at the 4 top user profiles MAXA has identified.



The Leader:
AKA, The Decision Maker:

They want and need to know that everything they decide is the absolute best choice for, not only, the company, but for the agents, themselves and the clients. There is a big responsibility riding on their decision making which in turn can influence their business flow.

As a leader and holding a high profile position as a president, vice president, CEO, COO, or founder of their own small business, there is a lot at stake in nurturing business and continuing to be seen as a star player. This also plays out in larger organizations as they will be focusing on the overall brand, so will want to ensure that the firm is seen as the go to. And there is added need in smaller organizations as they tend to be more actively involved in working in the business and make many of the marketing decisions themselves. In both cases, making important choices that reflect upon company perception means prioritizing certain aspects such as not only attracting superlative talent, but that agents are consistent with brand and theme and they add value to their teams with relevant training and technology. They also have to think about business expansion and ensure unfailing brand compliance.

With such huge responsibility, there are bound to be some fears and doubts: 

  • Is a rival attracting the best talent because, maybe, they utilize better technology? 
  • Will investing in marketing tools be worthwhile? 
  • Will the tools be adopted and used? 
  • Can the team be quick to respond to the fast evolving real estate markets and thus keep productivity consistent? 

These are all valid and important considerations, especially if they are the one who writes the checks.

So MAXA naturally needs to tick all the boxes to reassure them that investing in the number 1 marketing & design platform is beneficial, so they are able to effectively boost productivity, attract top class talent, retain said talent and are using the leading marketing tools in order to drive business.

MAXA efficiently and effectively streamlines marketing operations, saves time and saves money, all while providing a team of A+ experienced and incredibly creative graphic designers, along with access to the latest tools & integrations to keep up with industry trends.

But, what path leads them to MAXA initially? Maybe MAXA is referred to them by other vendors or tech partners, maybe a new agent, or it could be as simple as their own research into marketing & graphic design trends. However they discover MAXA, they will be inquisitive and will want to ask questions about how easy it is to understand and is it user friendly, both points that are necessary if agents are to adopt the platform. Their mind is put at ease knowing that MAXA is first and foremost a design studio that encompasses a fully fledged real estate compliant graphic design platform that aids in boosting daily productivity from agents with the most up to date tools and a forward thinking team to help take their marketing needs to the next level.


The Marketing Leader: AKA, The Influencer

They are most likely to be found in a corporate capacity as a head of marketing, maybe a COO, or head of creative to a marketing coordinator in smaller organizations.

Whichever role they are in, they are responsible for ensuring marketing operations run smoothly and that a cohesive online brand image is maintained. Whether they are working with an established marketing and design department or with a small team that has a creative department. They have a necessity for the latest tools that not only attract and retain great talent, but will increase productivity.

With MAXA’S help, they can be competent in creating branded templates and agent requests can be serviced outside of regular office hours, which means, even though they are committed to getting THE best results, they still appreciate time to themselves and don't want to feel they are always working. MAXA frees up their valuable time and leaves them safe in the knowledge that they can stay ahead of their competitors. 

Before committing, they want to know that they will have full access to all the available tools and that agents are utilizing these tools to the best effect and sustaining brand compliance as they do so. Whilst they may be on board with MAXA, they don't actually write the checks, so they have to put forward a convincing argument to the person that does and as up to 20% of revenue goes into marketing, they need to be confident that they are getting value from the investment. Therefore it's entirely understandable that they would turn to MAXA to be time efficient and to have MAXA aid them in being able to focus on aspects of marketing that means they won't have to incur extra costs employing additional graphic design resources. 

However they find MAXA, possibly on other integrated or partnered platforms, their interest is ignited and they become keen to know how agents can be incentivized to use the platform and they themselves want to understand how to leverage more of MAXA’S functionalities, so all their current & future needs are fulfilled. 

Satisfied with what MAXA can offer, they are secure in the fact that they will have all the tools needed and that even without direct graphic design experience, agents can create and have access to, upscale, professional, visually beautiful, standout designs provided by an experienced and expert design team that gives them the best, scalable marketing solution that doesn't blow the budget.


The Agent In A Hurry: AKA, The Indirect User

The third of our top user profilers is most likely to be a realtor, possibly even licensed as a broker, maybe in the luxury market, or they could also be in the lending field. They have been in the business for a considerable amount of time, will be around 50 years old and a huge 88% consider themselves either an entrepreneur or self employed.

Their hectic schedule sees them spending many of their working hours on the road and a 12 hour day is typical, but note that doesn't include their weekends, which are often taken up with showings. With this in mind, it doesn't leave them much free time to think about their marketing needs and wants, in other words, how to stay ahead of their competitors. Obvious moves could be for them to join a brokerage and utilize the sophisticated tools on offer that would enhance and make their day to day easier, while being able to leverage the brokerage brand name, but they think of themselves as more of an entrepreneur, they don’t really feel obligated to use the tools at their disposal, even though they are not particularly creative and have an unwillingness to produce their own marketing collateral. Their social media presence is limited unless they hire someone to take control of it, or try to take the time to do it themselves in the midst of their already overwhelming day to day. MAXA can slot seamlessly into their busy, busy days, satisfying all their marketing needs, even if they require custom designs on weekends. 

Even though they are not directly involved with budgets, they can exert some influence and be a cheerleader for MAXA, emphasizing its ease of use, the flexible design solutions, the endless supply of creative options to meet design needs quickly and the forward thinking technology available that will assist in increasing efficiency and productivity for them. Even without much graphic design experience, with MAXA acting as a backbone, it's simple to scale their marketing.

As the profile suggests, the agent in a hurry is always “on” and isn't likely to actively seek out MAXA, they just don’t have time, so when they do discover MAXA, they are looking for an easy to navigate platform that provides updated guides that follow future industry trends. Everything our agent in a hurry wants is ease of use and a platform that won’t consume even more of their already precious time, MAXA allays their doubts and replaces them with peace of mind, knowing that content can be created at the click of a button and scaling their personal brand becomes a smooth process now they have access to improving their online presence with captivating designs, whilst custom designs can be produced quickly for them.

In short, even though the last thing they want to do is to be reactive when it comes to marketing, because it’s not something they are knowledgeable about and they have little inclination to add to their overloaded work schedule, but they understand the benefits of using MAXA to give them the flexibility of creating exciting, forward thinking and compliant content with a simple click.


The Super Agent:
AKA, The Direct User

As the title suggests, the super agent is engaging and charismatic, generally in their mid fifties, earns $100k plus annually, regularly works 60 hour weeks and utilizes CRM. Although, like our agent in a hurry, he could be a realtor, or a licensed broker, the super agent will spend 30% more on marketing and work 30% more, making them a real estate magnet. They understand the importance and value of marketing as the #1 driver of sales and will spend 1-3 hours daily making good use of all available tools. The super agent is well established and will typically stay with a brokerage for around 10 years, but still wants to see consistent growth, so will gravitate towards brokerages that willingly invest in tools to assist them in their drive for continuing success as a personal brand whilst always cultivating more sales. And their self motivation to be the best at what they do means they are onboard with using all the technology they have access to in order to help them achieve their goals, especially that which will help them with CRM training and content management. They never overlook any opportunity to improve their skill set.

They are a super agent for a reason and are usually pretty tech savvy, eager to adopt all the technology provided by the broker as quickly as they can and will even have a small team tending to their social media presence, even though they have concerns about the team keeping up with traction whilst publishing high quality content. This agent has their finger on the pulse and carries with them a wealth of experience. They understand it is imperative to keep up with trends and how to capitalize on them, so they want to be secure in knowing that they have access to and can utilize the most competitive tools available, making sure they are in the most advantageous position against other top performers in their industry. The fact that they generate around 80% of the sales means that they have a strong influence in getting the brokerage to invest in  the latest technology that they recommend, so having a marketing design platform like MAXA onboard, which lets them and their team create and edit intuitive designs rapidly helps them increase success rates effortlessly and they are assured of MAXA’s consistent updates to reflect new trends, the ability to easily create custom designs alongside incomparable service, all of which are crucial components to having a lucrative and thriving business. They use all the latest tools that MAXA offers and are a great asset for any brokerage, therefore,  it’s easy to understand that they are highly sought after and what they recommend is taken seriously and usually invested in. As someone who is incredibly self motivated and is aware of future trends on the horizon, knowing that the MAXA platform can fulfill their needs with an experienced design team and all the cutting edge technology and tools gives them the confidence to know that alongside their own team and the brokerage, everything is taken care of.

As we can see, 4 different user profiles, but all wanting to be, or remain at the top of their game and the ease with which MAXA will help them achieve this by offering a top class graphic design studio and marketing platform to create stunning designs and all the most current technology, integrations and tools at their disposal. All on an easily navigated platform that won’t take up more of their valuable time, yet will increase the power of their brokerage or personal brand.

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