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Susan Parnell

Corporate Marketing Director

"Maxa offers a marketing solution that satisfies both the brokerage needs of brand control and relevant content while also meeting the needs of our associates to promote their personal brands. It has been an unbelievable experience, no matter what our need is, Maxa has a solution."

Susan Parnell, Corporate Marketing Director,

Mark Madsen

Marketing Director

It was heartbreaking how many hours and dollars we use to waste tracking down graphics during every audit until we partnered with MAXA. Producing quality marketing assets at scale for a large mortgage company with multiple DBA’s and teams would be impossible to manage without Maxa!

Mark Madsen, Marketing Director

Kathleen Wilks

Chief Marketing Officer.

"MAXA is clearly listening to the brokerage and agent pain points and solving their problems. Kudos to you and your team! MAXA's success is well deserved!"

Kathleen Wilks, Chief Marketing Officer.

Jeri Vasquez

Regional Marketing Manager

“What we’ve found since onboarding MAXA is not only an increase in monetary ROI but an ROI on our time. Loan officers can have collateral finished in minutes and be off to a meeting!"

Jeri Vasquez, Regional Marketing Manager

Remington Reece

Creative Director

"I think a week ago we hit over, 13,000 pieces that have been designed from all the agents. Truly every single thing in MAXA has just been such a game changer. Being able to lean on the MAXA team to assist with design has been incredible. 

Remington Reece, Creative Director

Lane Errington

Vice President of Marketing.

"Thank you MAXA so much for the outstanding work elevating our brand. I know you guys put a lot of effort into the platform—we are all blown away and it’s surely a sign of great things to come."

Rob D'Amico, General Manager.

Rob D'Amico

General Manager.

"MAXA allows us to help our associates whether they are good or bad at marketing. Increasing our marketing from the corporate level helping us grow our overall brand."

Rob D'Amico, General Manager.

Ann King


"I will always shout about MAXA from the roof tops to every brokerage!"

Ann King, President.

Rajeev Sajja

Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing and Innovation.

"MAXA offers our real estate agents an easy to use design platform that makes them look good in minutes. In under 3 months, it saved us 2,267 design hours."

Rajeev Sajja, Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing and Innovation.

Frederic Abitbol


"Maxa saves our company roughly 40 hours of marketing labour a year and around $40,000 in having to hire additional people to our marketing team."

Frederic Abitbol, President

Stephanie Williams

VP of Marketing.

"It is with great pride that I reflect on launching MAXA at Houlihan Lawrence this year. I look forward to continuing our collaboration."

Stephanie Williams, VP of Marketing.