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Marketing Headaches

Top 8 Marketing Headaches All Real Estate Brokerages HATE to Deal With (And How MAXA is the SOLUTION)



Being overwhelmed with requests for marketing materials

We hear from our clients how much lighter their load is with having our marketing template suite at their fingertips. Whether you have a marketing coordinator or empower your agents to produce their materials, partnering with Maxa makes it a breeze.

Instead of having multiple requests in the queue, our templates allow your agents to produce eye-catching designs in minutes. There is no waiting on approvals or having to request edits.

The result? Everyone in your brokerage can spend more time on revenue-generating activities and connecting with their clients.
Plus, we keep your templates fresh with new designs and keep you ahead of the competition with materials designed to target industry trends.


Worrying about rogue marketing

that will land you in hot water for lack of compliance or destroy your branding efforts

Does the thought of agents cutting corners or forgetting critical compliance rules keep you up at night? We all know paperwork and attention to detail is often not the strength of great salespeople. They want to spend their time hitting sales targets and making money, not going over their social media templates with a fine-tooth comb.

Here at Maxa, we know your agents don't necessarily have the same level of pride in building your brand as you do. They're simply not as invested because they can jump ship to a new broker.

We've designed our platform to protect your brand from rogue designs and make sure every piece of marketing material meets exact compliance standards every time.

With Maxa, we lock the compliance data and branding aspects for every template so they will always meet your preferences. Plus, you can easily monitor the activity and history of every piece produced. We make it fail-safe, so you're always protecting your brand and compliance requirements.


Dealing with the rising costs

of hiring and retaining a marketing team (plus the cost of tools)

With the rising costs of hiring quality employees, keeping a marketing team in-house is even more expensive. In addition, you have to choose whether to hire for several specialties or make do with more of a generalist who has strengths and weaknesses.

If you go the outsourcing route, you're relying on people who have multiple clients to serve, and you're not necessarily their priority.

When you work with Maxa, we handle every area of your marketing. We have created a team of experts who are leaders in their specialty, and every day, they are working from their zone of genius.

Our team comes together seamlessly to create the kind of materials and templates your agents are proud to show off on their social media or to hand to a prospective client.

Whether you choose to empower your agents with the task of creating stunning designs or you have a marketing manager, working with Maxa streamlines all your marketing efforts and puts you front and center in your market.


Losing precious time waiting on new marketing designs

When you use Maxa's design suite, your agents or marketing manager can produce cutting-edge designs with just a few simple clicks. We provide every possible template your brokerage could need, and they can be customized and ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Real estate is a fast-moving industry! Customers expect urgency from their agents. And we all know most agents are handling multiple projects and need access to marketing material asap. Time is money.


The hassle of managing design and ordering for printed material

The more moving pieces you have in your marketing, the longer things take and the more room for costly errors. Waiting on edits and proofs eats up expensive time, and missed deadlines damage client relationships. Most brokerages are losing time and money with too many steps to produce their printed materials.

We understand the challenges of the industry and where the bottlenecks are. Therefore, we designed our platform to make sure information is loaded the first time correctly, so it's ready to print.

We've also built an in-house printing service directly into the platform. You or your agents can submit a design to the printers and know you'll receive the highest quality printing with just a couple of clicks. With the volume of customers using our service, we can provide some of the best prices in the industry. Meaning you not only save time, but you save on operating costs too.


Having to juggle multiple cross-organization brand assets (without dropping the ball)

If you have numerous brand assets, it can be hard to manage them all and make sure they're getting the attention and prestige required to move the needle. Many of our clients have multiple assets, including mortgage and luxury.

Our branding and graphic design team will work with you to ensure we get the right feel and context for each asset but keep them connected to the overall brand for continuity.

One thing that sets Maxa's platform apart is the level of control you have over access to designs and templates. You have complete control over which agents have access to which asset's designs.


Trying to keep all your agents on-brand and happy at the same time

Great agents want to feel a level of autonomy and to feel in control of their earning potential. They need to find a way to hook a prospect's attention and separate themselves from the crowd.

On the flip side, creating brand recognition and keeping agents on-brand can be challenging if they are left to develop their own marketing material on Canva or Photoshop. In fact, you probably have minimal control if agents are left to get creative independently.

With agents estimating they spend a third of their time on marketing activities, we've created the perfect solution to lighten agents' load while ensuring that every piece or post fits seamlessly into your branding vision.

With the quality of templates and the tools available, and the ease of making something eye-catching in just minutes, everyone on your team will be excited to use the Maxa platform to the fullest. As a bonus, you can rest assured that everything stays on brand and compliant.  


The workload in having to onboard new agents and monitor/support your team

Every time you bring on a new agent, you must train them in your processes and company culture. When you work with Maxa, we onboard your current team of agents and staff. Anytime you have a new agent, we provide the onboarding and training so they can be using the platform from day one and hit the ground running.

With our SSO integrations, there are no lost passwords. And Maxa seamlessly integrates with numerous databases, emailing, and real estate platforms to automate everything. For example, Maxa can pull the property information from MLS and auto-populate it in any template design used.

You won't have to worry if agents forget to add mandatory compliance statements or mess up property data. With Maxa, you can focus on building your brokerage and attract the kind of agents who will help you be a leader in your market.

Find out how Maxa's platform and custom-branded templates will take your brokerage to the next level in 2022 by scheduling your demo today. (Or specific call to action you want them to take).

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