How to create and deliver direct mailers to your farm with MAXA


With the Real Estate industry always evolving, moving at a faster pace than ever before and with consistently strong competition  in the marketplace, it’s safe to say that being one step ahead and utilizing your time efficiently and effectively has never been more necessary. One way to capitalize on being at the forefront of those in your farm is by direct mailer postcards and with MAXA, this is achieved easily and effortlessly. Maddy Davis - Senior Brand and Product designer at MAXA takes us through the simple to follow steps that help you send out your direct mailer postcards to your chosen market at the most opportune and convenient time for you.

So, let’s get started: Login into your dashboard to see your previously saved designs. To the left on this screen, under My Designs, you will see different groups of designs. By opening one of these, it will allow you to find a particular category that you’re looking for. In this case, you are choosing postcards, so you can pick that category and decide on the size you want to go with. By clicking a template you like, you can then go ahead and create a design.

When the template opens up, you will see that some of your information is auto populated in the design, you can check this is all correct and then when you are happy with the design, you just save your work. There will be various pop ups which act as reminders for you to ensure everything is as it should be, for example, that everything is spelt correctly.

Now, once the design is saved, just click the print option on the top navigation and this will take you into MAXA’S print shop where you are able to view all the design specifications and by scrolling down below the actual design, you will discover different options for your product.


As we are focusing on designing direct mailer postcards, you may wish to choose to send them to yourself, so you would take care of their distribution. In this case, choose the paper weight you require and continue to scroll down to see the quantity ranges. Decide how many you want within a particular range and add to your cart. 

You have 2 different postage choices: Bulk postage, or first class, the former, although more cost effective, necessitates a minimum order of 200 postcards and the latter is faster with a minimum of 100 postcards.

The other available option is to choose the mailing list, which means that either MAXA takes care of it for you or you can schedule a future date that is convenient for you when they will go to print and be mailed out. 
If you require EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailing), there is an email address for our print partner, One Step, above the postage types and they can arrange that for you.


The most important part for farming & mailing postcards out, is that you upload a CSV file first, ensuring it follows MAXA’S format. If you don’t know how to do that, there is a link to download a sample CSV file, you can also upload your own CSV file, give it a title and save it for future use. Once you upload the file, it will autocount all of your addresses and the total records count will automatically update to reflect this, along with the costing down below (remember that you need to meet the minimum of 200 postcards to qualify for the bulk postage).

Now that your CSV file is uploaded, you can proceed, or you can purchase a custom mailing list, which costs 8 cents per record, if you wish. In this case, an iframe for Accuzip, the provider, will open allowing you to enter a zip code that will filter available leads in the chosen area, you can also filter this further to be more accurate to your needs. Once this has updated your count with the total applicable leads, you are now able to go in and select how many of these leads you want and simply add them to your cart. You could also use a previously saved mailing list, which you can access and edit from the user drop down menu and will show all of your saved lists.

Just one  thing to note: if you check the box under the quantity range that says “would you like to mail additional prints to yourself”, it will take you back to the beginning to easily place another order that will be mailed directly to you.Once you have added everything to your cart, you can then go through all of the details of your order, check everything once more, then go ahead enter all of your details and checkout your order.

Once this is done, One Step Services, MAXA’S print partner will take it from there.

You are all set.

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