6 Marketing Features by MAXA Compared to Other Solutions in the Industry

We take a look at the top 6 features of the MAXA design & marketing platform and their benefits compared to other solutions in the market place.

James Wong

Founder &Chief Energizing Officer

We asked James Wong, founder and CEO (that’s Chief Energizing Officer to you and me) what sets MAXA apart and why it’s one of the leading solutions in the market. James didn’t hesitate in telling us the six most important ways that makes MAXA rather remarkable compared to other solutions in the industry.


MAXA is a design editing interface that works with InDesign files

Unlike other marketing centers and CRMs, Maxa offers the ability to easily upload previously created InDesign files directly into MAXA’s design studio for a truly effortless and customizable experience.

This is a significant differentiator for marketing departments, because most other platforms are not design editors and do not have this capability. For example, if a print or CRM company were to devise a web interface to create a design for print, they would most likely build it in HTML, limiting the spectrum of design and editing capabilities by the marketing department — and especially the end user. They could make the images and fields replaceable, but it's not the same technology, format, or customizability of a true design editor like Maxa. These hard coded, html-based limitations result in outdated designs, sloppy replaceability features, and extremely limited options, if any, for branding or design changes.

CRM Marketing companies like Breakthrough Broker, MOXI, KVCore, Total Expert, and Surefire(Top of Mind) are not real design editors and make for a convoluted process when wanting to add or change templates. For example, if a marketing director uses one of these other vendors, any template requests or changes could take weeks and incur additional costs each time, leaving no control for the marketing department to have over the templates and platform.

A vendor’s process would go a little something like this: The marketing department would need to provide the design or changes to the vendor. Then the vendor would have to hard code in HTML everything, which could take a week or longer. If any small detail needed to be changed, the whole process would have to start over again with the vendor. If an agent wanted something different for their individual needs, each change submitted would have to be re-coded, and most vendors do not accommodate individual needs, nor do they continuously offer new and refreshed designs to keep up with your branding standards or general design standards of the industry. With MAXA, clients have the ability to upload their own InDesign files on their own time and continue designing or duplicating for individual agent needs. Maxa can also upload on your behalf in a timely manner and at no extra cost. Plus, being a design interface means that things don’t have to be constantly coded. Within one hour, something created in Indesign can be uploaded to MAXA, the layers, element locking, and automation fields can be set to your specific needs, and it can be made instantly live for agents to access and customize however you allow them to. Individual agent requests can be made on the fly without waiting for a vendor to re-code everything.That’s why Maxa wanted to create a solution that other marketing center vendors can’t provide: A much more streamlined and effortless approach that offers the marketing director proper control over the platform.


Custom Templates for Each Brokerage Client

All other solutions only provide a default database of templates open to all clients. This means likely outdated designs, no individuality, and no customization options. Due to the convoluted process mentioned above, instead of getting a choice of 20 open house flyers, for example, users are most likely going to get three options with minimal changes available, if any. MAXA, on the other hand, provides custom design work from scratch for each company we work with. This means every client gets brand new, exceptionally beautiful designs unique to their brand. MAXA will also upload any pre-existing templates for the client (another service that other platforms do not offer).Why do we go to such great lengths? Because MAXA’s passion and focus has always been about design. We understand that branding is the first impression and should represent your company and your agents to the fullest. Maxa cares about our clients’ brand and aesthetic, including imagery, theme, and those subtle design elements that set your brand apart from others in the industry. MAXA always launches each client with 150 templates to start. Our process involves a discovery of your company personality, brand, and template needs. Then we provide presentations of our work and get your approval before moving onto the next step.We do not limit what can be offered, and we provide a platform that allows for our clients to make custom changes for their individual agent needs.Typically, most brokerages don’t have a large enough marketing department or graphic design team to fulfill the design work required. With MAXA, you can leverage our platform to get new templates, make updates to existing templates, and we’ll work with you to continue the evolution of your brand. This takes the headache out of trying to do it on your own. Because we can provide custom design work from scratch, your designs are unique to your brand and not shared as templates with other companies in the way other vendors limit their templates. You’ll have access to every type of marketing material from social media posts, business cards and open house flyers, to email newsletters, postcards and door hangers to name a few. MAXA always ensures that clients can empower their associates by providing every type of brand marketing they need to be successful.


Continued Extraordinary Support with Same Point of Contact

MAXA provides dedicated support to leadership, as well as the individual agent. For leadership, your dedicated team consists of a Brand Director, Creative Director, Senior Designer, and Production Assistant.Throughout your time with us, this team helps client leadership manage the platform, create new designs, and we’ll handle any new template requests you may have. In addition to leadership support, your individual agents can ask for help just as easily! So, along with supporting 250 brands at leadership level, MAXA also supports 120,000+ users with their own dedicated teams who are on hand to answer queries, provide tips and tricks, and direct them to the right templates for their needs. As if that wasn’t enough to exceed customer service expectations, there is a training director who provides a custom training schedule to your company needs that can run week to week and/or month to month live tutorials, empowering users to understand the platform and, in turn, maximizes usage.  MAXA undoubtedly provides a level of service that is not seen in other vendor solutions. And with such optimal support, over the past six years, MAXA has had a retention rate of 99%.


Custom Long Term Solutions

When MAXA onboards a new client, we are interested in taking the time to setup and build a long term custom solution for not just the clients needs, but the needs of their users, too. Collaborating with our clients means we can implement the best experience for utilizing our platform and incorporating design services for the client's internal marketing operations. A key difference and value for our clients is our compounding innovation only within the real estate and mortgage industry. Every feature and integration was inspired by consultations and interactions with our clients who make suggestions that further improve the experience for all. Part of creating these long term solutions means we are always willing and open to set up third party integrations to better connect your tech stack, along with the tools you provide your associates like custom single-sign-on integration and data integration (which is included). This is in direct contrast to other platforms who adopt more of a “one size fits all” short term approach and offer a more generic “out of the box” solution. MAXA sets up clients with their very comprehensive solution and assures that the client's existing internal marketing strategies and work flows are truly catered to with an extensive range of products, whilst also understanding that everyone is not the same and needs to employ the platform a little differently. At the core, MAXA exceeds expectations because the success of their clients is of the uppermost importance.


MAXA has a Social Media App!

MAXA is the only company in the real estate and mortgage industry that offers a white labeled social media app. Our mobile app solution is created under the client’s developer account and fully branded to them on the Apple and Google Play stores with logins connected to their main web platform. Our mobile app makes editing, sharing and posting to social media even more streamlined. By logging in, users have full access to all their saved designs and templates from the desktop version. There is much prestige to be gained from having your brand perceived as being innovative and high tech. By being able to say that your company has its own social media app adds kudos and is a great value proposition that appeals to their users and associates, as most other companies don't have this.


MAXA is Independent, Privately Owned with No Investors Pushing for "RPU"

MAXA is an independent, privately owned company and something we are immensely proud of. We are not VC backed or owned by a publicly traded company. We have no outside influencers, or investors.

Why is this so important? The importance is that MAXA has freedom. We are able to prioritize product, support and quality design over profit, which is unlike any other company out there, especially in this industry. There is no outside pressure to do things which aren't necessarily in the clients’ best interests and it means MAXA can do what inspires us within the services we provide.

Because MAXA is not tied to anyone pushing their wants and ideas for profit, it gives us the space to be truly authentic to each and every client that joins the platform. Learn more about MAXA, an independent, proud agency here: MAXAdesign.com/about-us

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