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How to use Optimal Blue to create open house flyers

Whether it’s through design, integrations, or processes, we want it to be easy and efficient to empower users to create their marketing. With Optimal Blue, the leading secondary marketing and data automation platform in the mortgage industry, auto-populating payment scenarios makes it simple for MAXA users to create a comprehensive library of superior promotional materials with the most up-to-date mortgage rate scenarios.

Maddy Davis - Senior Brand and Product Designer at MAXA takes us through the effortless process of using the Optimal Blue Integration to create open house flyers.


First, select a template that contains placeholders for loan scenarios or payment breakdown scenarios. A preview window will pop up where you can click “Create Design”. The next page will prompt you to add a partner if the design is co-branded, then it will automatically prompt you to login to your Optimal Blue account. Once you’re logged in, you will have up to three different rate scenarios depending on the template’s design.


By selecting “+Add” on a scenario option, it will show you all of the available filters for the current loan types. Start by adding a home price, then it will automatically calculate the down payment. If you wish, you can also apply a cash out amount and search additional filters including loan and property information. Furthermore you can choose to expand the loan guidelines.


Once you have finished adding in all the information to your filters, click Search to choose the available loan types. You can also filter the results by minimum or maximum price.


Once you’ve chosen your first loan option, you’ll be taken back to the scenario window where you can choose Scenarios 2 and 3. When all loans are chosen, click “Create” and the designer will load the template into the designer and automatically populate all of the loan scenario data. All you need to do now is ensure all loan information is properly filled in, customize any other text or photos, and make sure the design is to your satisfaction. Then, when you are happy with the finished design, save and export, print, or share.


The Optimal Blue integration is a simple and straightforward method to create your open house flyers, giving you real time accessibility to engage with thousands of mortgage lenders to create profitable opportunities. Watch this two minute step-by-step video guide to see the Optimal Blue integration in action!

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