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Do you really think you are maximizing your time efficiently?
It's a competitive industry out there, everyone wants their own bite of the apple and we want you to be ahead of the game, minimize the hassles of converting leads and stay in the loop of your sphere.
We know there are many tech options out there for you to use, so we have compiled 7 of the best in class apps to assist you in rising above the competition:

Daily AI

With a comprehensive, intelligent suite of solutions to empower mortgage professionals, Daily AI is aimed at unlocking your potential. By aiding customers in managing  the complexities of mortgage lending easily, Daily AI is fully equipped to take your business to the next level. They have developed innovative solutions that evolve with the industry by building products for the future of lending and removing roadblocks. Daily AI listens to its customers to deliver unmatched capabilities that are aligned with everything lenders need in one total simplified solution.
Daily AI offers CRM solutions, sales automation and strong marketing tools thanks to their partnership with MAXA, plus compliance and security that protects processes, procedures and people. In short, from drip campaigns that help you stay top of mind and activate lead conversions for you, to realtor reporting and outreach, as well as a fully customizable marketing center to providing a seamless experience to create positive ROI. Daily AI has simple to use software within a powerful platform to convert leads and automate your day to day, meaning you can free up time to close more deals.

Union Street Media

Even with only around 40 employees, this Vermont based company delivers custom digital marketing solutions to a large client base. Great teamwork at Union Street Media provides real estate agents, brokers and teams with award winning websites that are bolstered by powerful technology, customizable IDX and driven by advanced technical SEO.

Personalized processes ensure clients are consistently part of the conversation through strategy calls and reporting.
Union Street Media offers authentic omnichannel marketing which can reach potential clients whenever they are online. They have best in class integrations and insights to aid growth and by providing curated experiences that will engage visitors, using digital strategies for SEO and employing data driven advertising, they ensure your business is both scalable and sustainable.

Testimonial Tree

This is an online reputation management company that has software to make things easier to collect authentic testimonials, sifting through them and then using the most positive responses to attract new customers. You are in control of when a request goes out and then which replies are posted online, which is all completed automatically. Clients are essentially doing your marketing for you, with their favorable reviews on 3rd party networks and on their social channels. From creating custom surveys to SEO boosts in Testimonial Tree’s directory, you have control over what potential clients see on google, facebook et al, thereby making feedback collection a breeze. The visual dashboard inside Testimonial Tree, easily tracks results and post closing, clients can be contacted via text or email giving you the option to have their feedback on sites that are beneficial to your success, thus enabling you to effectively grow your star rating.

Conversion Monster

A handy app that employs a proven lead nurturing process. Conversion Monster comprises of a team of real estate professionals, licensed agents and brokers, all trained in best practices. The streamlined process of having everything in one place means that Conversion Monster stays on top of your sales leads until they are ready to transact. New internet leads are contacted within 5 minutes to see if they are serious, which ensures you are first to the table. Relationships are nurtured and maintained with leads until they are ready to commit, then they are handed back to you to close the deal. All done whilst understanding your goals and objectives to give your brand the correct representation with personalized scripts. With their REVIVE package for cold leads, Conversion Monster ensures you will never have to cold call again.


Cloze boldly states it is the only CRM that auto tracks both inbound and outbound calls and texts without needing a new number and works with all existing email accounts and calendars, so you don't need to change how you work or double enter data. By working with the apps you use, Cloze automatically tracks and organizes all your client communications, files and notes. With an AI personal assistant that moves beyond the traditional address book system, reminding you about action items in messages, keeping contacts up to date and finding people who you may have forgotten about following up with means you can unlock relationship gold. 1-1 marketing provides a library for your best templates and content, pro grade email, personalized matching of listings with clients, auto lead capturing, follow up plans and tracking from lead to close to give you the ideal ground to let relationships blossom. Cloze also uses AI to constantly coach agents to grow a strong and valuable team.

Active Pipe

This is a global platform covering the US, Australia and New Zealand working with 230+ Real Estate Brokerages and has on boarded over 25,000 brokers. Active Pipe integrates with all major CRM systems and as a leading email marketing platform it enables hands free Real Estate lead generation. Marketing support uses data to understand what your audience aspirations are, so in turn, helps to build relationships with the delivery of consistent, premium content to bring about positive sales performance outcomes by distinguishing those leads that are ready to buy or sell. Precise and considered information, along with savvy, adept content and pre-built campaigns connects people with the right properties, all designed to captivate clients into telling you what they want and lets you target them effectively. Another plus is the use of surveys and behavioral data to nurture leads meaning you can auto deliver relevant property content, which can be even more focused with the addition of audience segmentation, client preferences and location targeting, giving you in depth knowledge of which clients are ready to move forward and so you are mindful of maintaining good relationships by being able to anticipate client needs and makes your calls more intuitive.

Get Bonzo

A sales engagement platform for advisors and agents to aid in creating conversations at scale with simplified processes, automation and authentic outreach. With a campaign builder that uses personalized outreach and follow ups on autopilot means that not only can Get Bonzo reach more people ready to commit, but you are able to jump in when they are ready to talk in person to you, without having to juggle between tools as everything you need is combined to not just acquire clients, but to convert and retain them. A booking assistant comprised of trained reps handle lead conversions and follow ups to make sure that leads are a good fit, leaving you to focus on your clients knowing that your pipeline is filling with newly qualified leads. You maintain control with being able to create up to 10 pre qualifying questions and whilst appointments are put directly into your calendar, you are able to track conversation history and take over any live calls. A messaging feature allows you to record genuine, ringless voicemails, or emails with video that you can personalize. Keep track of pipeline progression with easy to set up messaging that you can associate with a milestone, also the ability to add secondary contacts to let them be kept up to date. Being able to link a stage to a campaign and building advanced workflows and having an overview of all your deals is simple with one easy to organize view. The advantage of creating as many stages as you desire lets you work with any business and by adding status updates to each stage as they move through the pipeline is advantageous in being able to synch a stage with a campaign to build communication funnels. Lastly, another great feature is being able to generate targeted ads and produce impressive landing pages that push your leads directly into Get Bonzo to convert.


Now you can see why MAXA only works with the best applications, from the relatively small team at Union Street Media delivering custom digital marketing solutions to Testimonial Tree making it easier to collect authentic feedback that helps to bolster your success.
We want our clients to have the advantage in being the most successful they can be by having the best tools at their disposal to put them at the forefront of prospective clients minds.

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