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5 Reasons to Partner with Us and Our Design Software


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Over 100+ independent brokerages across the nation have partnered with us and ZERO have left. Why? Because we’re on point.

Our Creative Directors are on point.
We add new, brand consistent designs from our clients on time, all the time, and forever.

Our Customer Service is on point.
We’re fast and trained to provide anything you need. No problem is too big, and no question is too small when it comes to exceptional care.

Our Training Directors are on point.
We’re with you week to week, month to month to empower everyone. We're available for trainings now and the future.

Our Technology Team is on point.
We don’t ever stop developing. Your feedback is always addressed with a solution. Each client feedback we implement benefits our other clients including you. Learn more about some our recent admin features here: Click here


Designs forever,
we mean it.

Other marketing software or platforms expect you to upload your own templates and marketing materials. They provide you with a complicated software and leave your team having to figure out the rest.

That’s not how it works at MAXA. We do all that for you. In the beginning of our partnership, we take you through our brand design consultation to deep dive into the creative vision of your brand.

We go over all of the marketing materials you want with our wishlist exercise. Then we either upgrade your current marketing templates or completely design from scratch.

When we launch, your suite will have more than 150+ templates exclusively designed for your brand. From there, we'll continue to add more templates forever. :)


We see 75-85% monthly engagement from associates within an office. Why?

Personal Empowerment. Associates have become more and more self-sufficient. They relate to themselves as their own business and personal brand. So the more control we give them, the more active and happy they are.

Here’s typically what savvy associates get frustrated with:

Waiting for support to create or make changes to marketing

Back and forth editing with marketing assistants

Boring social media templates from their company they can’t personalize

Can’t co-brand marketing materials (flyers, mailers, brochures, etc.)

No easy printing solution

Our design editor gives associates freedom and flexibility to design, customize, and produce their marketing. We still set restrictions so everything is brand compliant (more on that below), but the associates love the personal control.


6 Levels of Brand Compliance


Limit associates from going rogue by providing branded marketing templates


Lock legal disclaimers and other needed compliance on marketing materials and social media posts that may cause potential claims


Restrict customization on specific fonts, colors, layouts, and logo brand standards


Hide unique marketing materials from specific user groups
or give access to exclusive groups within your organization


Set templates or categories to publish or export only after compliance approval with marketing admins


Monitor associate activity, history, and archives of compliance approved marketing

No Stupid Fees.

No additional design fees.
No additional fees at all.
You hate them. We hate them.

We don’t charge for anything other than your monthly service fee unless your associates are asking for a design that can’t be made into a template like a custom logo, website, or very abstract tech feature.





Contact James Wong,
CEO of Maxa Designs
| 323.594.1091


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