Design Editor Studio

We provide your brands and brokerage with a simple drag and drop design editor that anyone, young or old, from all over the world can use to customize their marketing templates.

Our intuitive design editing interface allows for total freedom of design unlike other dated and clunky systems.

Admins have the ability to “become” their associates to create marketing on their behalf while streamlining the process by auto-populating the user’s contact info and custom branding. 

Lock Templates for Brand Compliance

Lock down layers, content, and brand assets including logos, uploaded fonts, colors, imagery, disclaimers, licensing, and more to keep your team from going marketing rogue. Customize restrictions and limitations per DBA, team, or user. 

Red Lock: Element is locked from Users and cannot be edited or unlocked unless the user is an Admin of the platform.

Gray Lock: Element is locked to keep things simple however User can unlock and modify.

Blue Lock: Text Box Element is locked in place and User can edit the Text Box but cannot move it.

Purple Lock: Element can be edited, moved, or resized but cannot be deleted from the template.

Yellow Lock: Text Box Element is set to warn the User if it has not been edited as normally this text box should be changed.

Watch How To Video here -->

Custom Stock Photos & Copyright-Free Photos

Maxa provides over a million copyright-free stock photos for your users to add to designs. 

Upload your company’s stock photos for easy access to company branded and approved imagery.

Upload Indesign PDF Importer 

Import existing InDesign PDF files as templates and set auto-populating associate information and branding.

Co Print Payments

Split the cost of your print orders - Our Co Payment tool divides the order in half so you can share the cost with a partner. Once you’ve added to your print cart and selected print options and shipping, you then have the option to split the bill. Simply select a partner and pay your half of the balance, your partner gets notified of the remaining balance. The order remains as “Pending Order” status until the bill is fully paid. You get notified when your partner pays, then your order is sent to our print vendor to be processed. Watch this video for further details.

HTML Email Signatures

With our new HTML design editor you can provide custom HTML email signatures for your users. These email signatures can be hyperlinked and custom branded. Get 3 free email signature templates from MAXA & we will also show you how to create your own.

Video Editor

Create modern “not tacky” videos with our video editor. Use existing design templates and add your custom video in the image placeholders to create compelling videos. Copyright free videos and music included plus integration with


National MLS Property Data Feed***

When creating templates for your users, you can set images in your template to replace with property photos pulled from your MLS feed. To do so, be sure to set up images to replace with property photos (right click your image, choose “Image Replace” > “Property” > “Image 1”. Be sure to set your images in chronological order). Once your template is ready, open the design and choose properties from your MLS. As you choose each property, you will be able to add in a certain amount of images depending on how the template is set up. When all MLS data is set, choose to create your template and your photos will automatically populate into your design. If you want to add in new photos from your property, just start a new search or open the image library for that property to initiate the same search and you can pull in more photos there.

Optimal Blue Integration

Mortgage lenders can connect their Optimal Blue pricing engine for compliant home pricing scenarios and rate sheets.

Testimonial API Integration:

Set up custom testimonial integrations with or to auto-fill marketing templates with recent user testimonials.

Users can search for all their testimonials within MAXA before adding to their next design.   

Dynamic Disclaimers

Automatically update disclaimers, licensing, and more on marketing templates based on the users office settings or state location.

National brands use this feature to create one suite of templates that are compliant in every state they operate. 

Market Stats Data Integration

Our Market Stats Data Integration feature allows users to access and pull detailed information about real estate market sales trends in the counties they are interested in promoting. With this feature, users can pull up data regarding the number of homes sold, median sales prices, average days on market, number of active listings and more. Additionally, users have the ability to filter results by location and property type, so they can gain a better understanding of the real estate trends in specific areas. With this powerful tool, users can make informative marketing materials for real estate investments.

QR Code Generator

Generate your own QR code on our platform! Just go to the QR code tab in the designer, paste in your URL then choose “Generate Code”. This will place your QR code on your template, where you can then customize it with a solid color or gradient.

User Contact & Branding Automation

Our design studio automatically populates each associate's contact info, license numbers, headshot, and personal branding (if allowed) per template.

A big difference from, we know users want any marketing they create to automatically include their info and branding.

Marketing Templates Platform

Our powerful hub allows your associates to create and organize unlimited print, social media, and email marketing templates for your entire company. 

Sort templates into groups, categories, and subcategories. 

Make templates available to specific divisions, DBAs, and more.

Partners Co-Branding

Save as many partner profiles to your account and easily create co-brand marketing materials with our Partners feature, allowing users to load their partner’s contact info, branding, and headshots automatically.

Marketing Package Store

Our Marketing Package Store offers a unique and convenient way to build your brand and increase engagement with your users. Create sellable, custom marketing packages that are tailored to meet your user's specific needs, allowing you to select the perfect combination of services for the best price. Our store is made for all levels of businesses, and admins can manage it easily on the backend for their own clients. With our store, you can feel confident in your strategy to build relationships and make significant impressions on your clients, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately increased sales. Make your next marketing effort count by creating your marketing packages through our store today.

AI Content Writer + Command Prompts

‍Our AI Writer is an AI chatbot that uses natural language processing to create human-like conversations and much more. The chatbot can answer questions and compose various written content. With its ever-evolving capabilities, we brainstormed use cases for our clients and integrated it into our system. Now, you can generate property descriptions, email article content, promotional writing and much more!

AI Image Background Remover

We’ve just released our new AI Background Remover tool. With just a few clicks, our intuitive tool effortlessly extracts subjects from their backgrounds, leaving you with stunning, crisp results in seconds. Don't let complicated editing software slow you down and try our Background Remover today!


Template Download with User Info

Allow users to skip the design creation process and instantly download the template provided by marketing “as is” with the user’s contact information and branding already loaded. 

Further control marketing and compliance with this feature by removing the design option and only allowing downloading as is.

Downloadable Assets

Keep everything in one place for your user’s to easily access brand assets, resources, Powerpoint presentations, video files, and more right in our system.

No more associates repeatedly asking for logos or other files again.  

Export User Designs to 3rd Party

Automatically export finished user designs and marketing into your custom 3rd party platforms. We integrate with many CRMs and other technology platforms to create a cohesive marketing workflow for users and their clients. 

Custom Image Library

With our new HTML design editor you can provide custom HTML email signatures for your users. These email signatures can be hyperlinked and custom branded. Get 3 free email signature templates from MAXA & we will also show you how to create your own.

Custom Hub for Redirects & Hyperlinks

Hyperlink internal resources and websites within our custom platform for a one-stop-shop experience. integration

We have partnered with to offer our brokerage clients Issuu’s digital flipbook publishing technology at a preferential rate. With our new integration, users can easily transform designs in MAXA into engaging digital flipbooks, perfect for easy distribution across all digital channels.

HTML Email Newsletters Editor

MAXA can now create HTML email newsletters with the same locking features on our design editor. Admins can create these templates for users to edit and export to Mailchimp, Constant Contact & other 3rd party email platforms as HTML code.Reach out to your brand director to get 3 free HTML newsletter templates & how to create your own HTML email newsletters.

Concierge Request System

Set up all or specific templates to allow users to request your marketing coordinators to customize templates on their behalf.

Maxa’s concierge request system makes the ordering and fulfillment process streamlined and trackable. 

Custom Swag or Print Store

Create your own store of merch, apparel, and collateral while MAXA fulfills on all production and printing. Users can order and make payment straight from the MAXA platform. 

Have your own print vendor? They can manage print orders within the MAXA platform including custom SKUs, stock and order options, and automatic email status updates.

Advertising Orders 

Set up a custom online advertising orders store for your users to request and pay for digital ads and print publications. Allow users to see a catalog of available advertising opportunities for their business or new listings. 


User Analytics

See user engagement trends, month to month activity, top users, total designs created, most popular templates, hours on the platform, and more!

Single Sign On Integration

Set up instant user account login and automatic account creation with custom SSO. 

Use SAML, 3rd Parties like and, or MAXA’s custom SSO API. 

Authentication is also available through Google, Microsoft Azure, and more.

User Roles and Permissions

Assign your associates our variety of user roles, custom groups, offices, and other delineations with specific permissions and access to create streamlined workflows and hierarchies.

Notifications for All Users

Send communications and new template updates to your associates with the MAXA platform.

Maxa has pop up promotions, alert announcements, send all via email blasts, and mobile app push notifications you can custom create.

Spanish and French Language

Whether you’re trying to recruit or invest in international employees, grow your multicultural community or expand your overall audience reach, you can now translate the platform from one language to another. Currently, we allow English or Spanish. However, we plan on expanding the languages hosted in the platform. To translate the system, select the flag tool beside your user and toggle between the language options.

Custom URL & White Label

Fully license and white label our marketing platform and design services to offer your associates more value from your company. 

Custom URL setup and internal platform brandingWhite label communications to your users with your company branding.

Training and Support

Maxa provides you with a dedicated training director to host a 104-week training program to promote, present, train, and empower all your users to use the platform day-to-day.

We also provide two dedicated customer support teams. One team for the admins and leadership to make high level platform updates, and another dedicated team to help Users with anything they need from 6am to 6pm PST.