Look here.

Can information such as user bio, contact info, past closings, testimonials, etc. be automatically inserted into the design?

Yes! Each user has an Account Information page where all of their contact information, headshot, logos, and licensing are saved. In one of our first meetings, you define what user and contact info you want to auto-populate on the templates. This info can also be pulled from data we receive using an internal back office solution or CRM through a Single Sign On (SSO) integration. Then, when a user opens up a template, their info will automatically populate onto the design.

Will I have to insert contact information manually?

Our platform allows you to define what contact information you want to have pulled into the designs. Once your associate fills in the info it will automatically populate onto the designs. We can include everything from name to personal logos, license numbers, social media handle, and much more. We can also auto pull this information from your back office solution through an SSO.

How does a user add a partner to a co-branded on a design template?

You can save any partners you might co-brand with to your account with our Partners page feature. Then, when you choose a co-branded template to customize, it will conveniently ask which partner’s info you’d like to have automatically populate onto the template.

How do users upload their own personal brand/logo to the platform?

Users can add their personal logo into their account information and we´ll set up a placeholder on the design that will then automatically replace it with the agent's logo once the design is opened up. Users also have the ability to add logos to designs without logo placeholders.

Can we crop images, edit shapes, layering, etc for social graphics?

Yes, the platform allows you to add in pictures, shapes, text boxes, gradients, overlays, shadows and much more within seconds, making it incredibly easy to use.

Can agents switch to a different sized template mid-design? 

No, but users can copy and paste the information they've edited into the new template (with right size or format). They can then save the template they were already working on for future references so no design work is ever lost. 

Can a user download files?

Definitely! A user can download the design as an image file (jpeg/png) or as a pdf that includes the crop marks and bleeds when taking it to a professional printing vendor. 

Does your technology have the ability to self-generate marketing materials such as brochures with minimal agent interaction? 

Yes and no. The design material we create for you requires minimal interaction from the agent. We use smart zones that pull in the agent's account information and we can pull in property information via the MLS and/or have mortgage rate scenarios be transferred. However, the platform does not email the materials directly to the user. We automate as much as possible for the user while still empowering the user to finalize the design. 

Does your technology generate listing QR codes?

You can use the QR code generator on our design editor. Simply add a URL then customize the size and color. We recommended that QR codes should be no less than 0.8" x 0.8" on printed materials.

How can the designs be shared on social media? 

Yes, on our private label social media app. On our desktop app, we usually recommend our clients and users to download the social media image as a PNG, log directly into Facebook or Instagram and then post from there. Otherwise an additional link gets added for being posted from a third party and the picture tends to be slightly cut off. Downloading and then re-uploading directly onto the social media platforms allows the post to look much more professional and of better quality for viewers. :) 

What's the "Custom Branding" tab?

Apart from providing marketing templates at a brokerage level, MAXA also does personal branding for your users for an additional fee. If agents are looking to have their own logo created, the Custom Branding button takes them straight to the MAXA website and lets them get a quote fit to their needs. 

If we share our material with you and decide to do a brand overhaul or rebrand completely, would MAXA collaborate in building everything out?

Yes! We are obsessed with branding, and love to either support your team’s efforts or lead our own team in working with you to evolve your brand to the next level when you’re ready. 

Throughout our partnership, do we have an account executive assigned to us? 

Yes, you will have an entire team led by a Brand Director consisting of a Creative Director,  Production Manager, and design team that will support you until you are launched. The Brand Director will continue to be your direct contact for any questions, requests, or help you might have post launch.

What does it look like when you search for the platform? Is it going to be white labeled to our brokerage?

The entire platform will be white-labeled to your brand and only you and your agents will have access to it through a direct login or Single Sign On (SSO). You also have the ability to choose your own URL for an even more branded touch.

What type of user roles are available? 

The most common roles within the platform are User, Manager and Admin. An agent would be granted user access, allowing the customization of templates while the Manager role supervises a particular team of users, divided by division or office. An Admin has overall access to the backend of the platform allowing full control over usage, design creations, users, and platform organization. 

What if our marketing team will continue to work on individual design requests from agents? 

Our Concierge feature will let the agent define what information should be updated or changed on a pre-selected design. The request then gets sent to someone on your marketing team to be carried out — our Concierge Admin role. This feature is usually used for agents who are less tech savvy or for corporate agencies that still want to provide highly custom design work for their individual agents, but want to use MAXA to help carry the load.

How do we as a brokerage empower our agents to use your platform?

Our Brand Directors will help train your admins and your agents so they understand that using the platform is not just incredibly easy but is going to save them time. However, if an agent wants to continue using your marketing department for creating their templates, your company’s in-house marketing team can easily use the pre-designed templates MAXA provides. By swapping out pictures and changing minimal details it becomes easy to create a  new template for the agent to use. 

Are there charges per template request? And what does the turnaround time look like?

No, there are no extra charges for more custom-made templates! Your monthly fee covers any requests for templates you might need. Our typical turnaround time to design, oversee, and QC your request is one week, possibly longer depending on the size of the request.

With your unlimited templates service, will MAXA design individual templates for our top producers and team? 

In order to provide a highly custom experience for your company, our goal is to streamline and focus our services for the entire company as a whole. While we do not fulfill the needs of individuals or specific teams, we work with your marketing team to provide all the necessary designs for all of your users.

Does the Marketing team have to perform edits or can the user grab a design and go?

Depending on your needs for marketing, not every template requires a user to customize or make changes. We have features that allow the user to simply download a design, or allow their info to load and download — bypassing the customization feature completely. Or, if a user wants to edit a design, the templates are set up to make the customizations as easily and quickly as possible. If the user is happy with the template the way it is, the account information will get automatically pulled in from his account settings and the design is ready to be downloaded, printed, or sent via email. 

What ROI are your clients reporting by using MAXA?

We track the success of MAXA by the number of clients that put their trust in us and by staying with us for years to come. So far we have onboarded over 250 brokerages, mainly through client recommendations, which makes us incredibly proud. 99% of our clients are still with us unless they were acquired or went out of business.  

Does MAXA apply additional charges for subdivisions inside one brokerage? 

Not necessarily, as we've worked with many clients that have different divisions within their brokerage. The design work will be very similar but every division will be branded individually. However, if you'd like us to come up with a completely new design direction where we have to involve Brand Director, Creative Director and Designers to create new layouts for you, additional charges would apply. Nevertheless, feel free to reach out to your Brand Director in charge for guidance on the topic. 

What are the requirements for an MLS integration? 

We will connect to your MLS feed via XML/RETS file, Custom API, or a 3rd Party like Moxi Works allowing your agents to pull in property information when designing in the platform. However, some territories are not MLS based, but if you can provide us with a customized XML feed formatted for Zillow or Trulia, we can integrate that into the platform for you. 

Can marketing agencies or print companies white-label MAXA to offer to B2C customers?

Yes, please contact us to review how it works.

Is there an admin account where you can override the locks in the designer? 

Yes, you as an Admin will have the ability to unlock any layer within the design to apply changes. The admin role allows for you to bypass any design, locking, and accessibility limitations in the platform. 

How can I organize the templates within the marketing suite? 

The MAXA platform allows you to define and create categories and organize the templates into those categories, as well as define user groups that only have access to your predefined categories. This is useful if there are different divisions within the company and there is restricted access for agents or if you want to roll out the platform, gradually granting only limited access in the beginning. 

Can I create templates for a specific team within my office? 

Yes! You can create a user group, assign users to that user group, then make categories available to that user group. 

Does your platform provide analytics?

Yes! Whether you’re looking at user engagement or template/category popularity, we have it all. You can also set up your account to receive monthly analytics updates directly to your email.

Apart from overall company engagement analytics, are you able to view specific team and office engagement analytics?

The MAXA platform accesses information for individual agents, pulling certain information into the designs using smart zones. What is being pulled is predefined beforehand and can include everything from name, title, instagram handle, personal logo and so on. If a team were to use one single account, MAXA could set up the info for the team information to pull into the designs. 

How does MAXA support its users in times of an audit? 

Users with Admin access are able to view all the designs that have been created and are on every agent's personal dashboard. Our compliance archive also allows admins to pull reports of approved and denied templates if they use our compliance approval feature. Everything is transparent. If you require specific information we can produce a file for you to share with your auditing team to make sure you have all the information you need.

Who is your print vendor?

We’ve partnered with an amazing print company, OneStep Services, located in Huntington Beach, CA. They provide exception service, quick turnaround times and quality products. You can reach them at: 

What products are offered?

Click here to view a full list of our prices and what we offer!

What if I want something more custom?

We get it, you’d like to stand out from the rest! Our print partner is more than happy to help:

What type of mailing services do you offer for postcards?

We offer first class and bulk postage mailing through the US postal service on our platform. If you’d like to use EDDM, you can contact our print vendor at: We can also provide users with EDDM sized templates, so they can download and mail them out through a provider of their choice.

I’m having issues with my payment. What should I do?

We accept Visa, AMEX, Mastercard, JCB and Discover. If you continue to have issues processing your payment, please contact:

I’m receiving an error message. What should I do?

We may be having issues. Please contact your brand strategist or email us at:

How do I know if my design is good for commercial print?

We set up templates to be ready for commercial print for you. Just be sure that if you replace any images that it reaches the bleed (indicated by the .125” blue overlay). If you don’t see the bleed, select the “Settings” tab on the left and toggle “Enable Save Zones”. 

My design is on hold. Why is that? 

Our print vendor might have discovered an issue with the design or may need additional details. They are working on it and will reach out to you!

Where do I view my print orders?

You can view all current and past orders in the “My Print Orders” page on your user dropdown menu. 

Where is my print order?

Print orders all have production time + shipping time. Your production time is indicated when choosing your shipping method. i.e. Production time is 3 - 5 business days. FedEx shipping is 5 business days. If your order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking URL via email. 

How do I edit an order?

If you’ve placed an order, it’s possible it’s already been reviewed by our print vendor. For an immediate change, please contact and provide your order number.

How do I reorder?

To reorder, simply go to “My Print Orders” in your user dropdown menu and view the order. You will see a “Reorder” option at the bottom. 

How do I reorder?

To reorder, simply go to “My Print Orders” in your user dropdown menu and view the order. You will see a “Reorder” option at the bottom. 

We prefer to stick with our print vendor. Can we set them up on our platform? 

Yup, we can host your print vendor’s pricing and products on our platform. We just need an Excel sheet of what they offer, their quantities, paper and or coating options, shipping, taxes and so on. Just inform your brand strategist and we’ll go from there.

We provide an expense budget for each office. Would we be able to bill orders to our office? 

Yes, we can set up a “Bill to Office” feature. This will remove the payment option and send the order straight to production. If you’d like to approve or deny orders before billing your office, we can do that too. In addition to “Bill to Office” we will set up “Orders Approving” where your marketing team can approve orders billed to your office before they’re sent to print. 

Are you integrated with Xpreesdocs?

Yes! If you already work with Xpressdocs, we can set up templates with their pricing. When you send your order to print, you will be transferred to their website to complete your order. 

How do the agents get assistance or ask for help inside the platform?

MAXA provides a tailor-made training program designed to support the needs of your onboarding user population. We can provide weekly, monthly, or as-needed tutorials. Also, MAXA has an in-house customer support team that agents can contact directly if they were to get stuck on a design and needed help. Everyone’s dashboard also contains a video tutorial library explaining the basic functions of the platform. Also, first-time users receive an intuitive pop-up series of pro-tips, guiding the user through the platform explaining next best steps and different features.  

Does MAXA apply additional charges for subdivisions inside one brokerage? 

Not necessarily, as we've worked with many clients that have different divisions within their brokerage. The design work will be very similar but every division will be branded individually. However, if you'd like us to come up with a completely new design direction where we have to involve Brand Director, Creative Director and Designers to create new layouts for you, additional charges would apply. Nevertheless, feel free to reach out to your Brand Director in charge for guidance on the topic. 

How does the customer support at MAXA work?

In case agents need assistance, MAXA has its own in-house customer support team who are available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 9 PM ET. In case of printing issues or questions, our print vendor has a dedicated support team who can answer print questions. The platform itself provides “pro tips” guiding the user, plus there is a broad selection of video tutorials available on the site. Also, when launching the platform, your personal Brand Director will provide a live tutorial for the agents, thoroughly introducing them to the platform and how to use it successfully.