Tony Horton

The Possibility:

We recently partnered with Tony Horton, the master behind the best-selling fitness series, P90X®. For the past 25 years, Tony has used his unique brand of humor to change the lives of over 8 million people through his powerful fusion of motivation, physical exercise, nutrition and discipline.

His goal was to use his influence to create products and programs that would enrich the lives of his fans. The problem, though, was clear: He didn’t know who his customers were. He didn’t know how to cater his messaging and brand to them. His website was broken and unimpressive. It was a portfolio site rather then a E-Commerce Site, and he didn’t have a marketing plan to drive awareness to his brand and products. 

Since working with Tony, we’ve clarified and prioritized his customers, developed a messaging matrix to connect with them, redesigned a powerful E-Commerce website, and defined an integrated marketing plan including launch strategies for his new hair and skin care line, retreats, and new home workout program, 22 Minute Hard Corps. More to come!

The Initiative:

Customer Profiling & Segmentation
Brand Identity Development
Product Suite Development
Website Design & Development →
E-Commerce Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Growth Strategy



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