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The future is a wonderful thing. And the future is in us. More and more solutions for life, business, and health are at our fingertips because entrepreneurs like you and us have courage and commitment to make it happen. The CEO and President of Next Health, Darshan and Kevin, have built a brilliant future forward health center to bring Cryotherapy, IV Therapy, Custom Supplements and Micronutrients Testing, and more to help communities extend their healthspan and lifespan.

We’ve been thankful for how much their company has changed our very own lives. So when we had the opportunity to bring their brand and mission to a new mobile app, we knew the UI & UX had to bring it. Nothing is easy though. Next Health was already using a custom CRM built from scratch, so integrating new technology was a challenge. Over time and with patience, we were able to connect all the pieces. When you download their app for iOS or Android, you can now schedule appointments, chat with your health practitioner, read their blog, join an exclusive community, and view all your testing results including your DNA biomarkers and telomeres.

The future of brands will continue leveraging technology to meet its commitments. Let us know if we can help bring your brand to the digital era.


App Strategy & Innovation
Desktop & Mobile App Design UI & UX
App Development (iOS & Android)
Internal CMS, Intranet, and Portal Development

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