David Osborn

Meet: David Osborn

Now with social media, we all have the opportunity to create a platform and a personal brand, to build a digital business, and to share our message and life lessons. David is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author. He's also the principle owner of the 20th largest real estate company in the U.S. with over +2,100 agents responsible for over 19,000 transactions and $5.2 billion in sales in just 2015 alone.

We were brought on board to build an integrated platform and brand that David would use to share his lessons, insights, and future projects. With his upcoming book, Wealth Can’t Wait coming out in 2017, we were excited to build an online presence for David to support his goals to hit the #1 Bestsellers list

Personal branding is an art. It needs to be authentic. It has to tell a story. And it better be polarizing in the midst of all the noise.

The Initiative:

Brand Strategy & Storytelling 
Website Design & Development →
Editorial Photo Shoot
Brand Video →
Email Marketing Campaign
Book Cover Design

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