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We believe brands are more than a logo and a website; they’re more than shapes and more than words. Brands are the sum of those parts, parts which are strategically and meticulously molded to form a particular feeling, a unique call to action, and an authentic personality.

Dr. Andy Garrett, clinical psychologist and founder of AG Thrive, came to us needing help building a brand for his practice that would beautifully articulate his unique and revolutionary therapy and life coaching model.

Our initiative involved creating everything from the ground up, and in doing so, developing a visual identity and messaging system that is welcoming, informative, and inspiring. Soft gradients of orange and light typography evoke a creativity. Inspiring, yet succinct language fluidly guides you through the workings and core values of such an innovative practice. In the  tagline, “Grow the Life You Want,” we aimed to inspire action to do something, to be someone, and to simply thrive.


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